Paper cores and tubes made by EGER – True all-rounders

Whether in packaging, shipping, and storage, as paper cores for foils, fabrics, or ribbons, in the decoration area or in processing as protective, insulating, or covering cores – EGER supplies paper cores for every industry and for almost all applications.

You can, of course, get our cores individually designed according to your needs: in accordance with your wishes our cores can be coloured, imprinted, labelled, embossed, grooved, impregnated, coated, slotted, perforated, crimped, punched, pressed, with caps or lids in various designs, or fitted with a pointed cap.

We supply paper cores with an inner diameter of 2 to 150 mm in almost all lengths and for almost all uses:

Packaging Sleeves / Composite Cans

Our tailor-made packaging for your high-quality product.

Paper cores

Do you have something that needs to be coiled? We provide you with the required paper cores.

Special Applications

Whether cores for fireworks, ball-pens, or pencil sharpeners – if it is meant to be rounded and made of cardboard we will manufacture it for you.


Special cores for fireworks, rockets, cores, bangers and much more.

Industrial Applications

For the protection of delicate parts like threads or shafts during transport or further processing.