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ALBERT EGER GmbH & Co. KG - A Successful Company History

Founded in 1885, ALBERT EGER started out small and now belong to the most important manufacturers of paper tubes and cores in Germany.


About 100 employees ensure, by making use of the most modern manufacturing technology, that our product range is just as diversified as your requirements. ALBERT EGER deliver their products to customers all over the world.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose is – with us you get the paper cores that match your products.

Whether shipping tubes or paper cores, sales packaging for food or cosmetics, insulating or covering cores, gift packaging or firework rockets – with EGER you get the paper cores to match your requirements.

Large batches or individually manufactured small batches can be produced at our Winnenden site. On offer are paper cores in numerous sizes and types, for all industries and almost all usages, and always in outstanding quality. This is because ALBERT EGER stand for competence due to experience, customer proximity, flexibility, and reliability.

Our customers appreciate that - well-known brand manufacturers and companies, as well as regional medium-sized companies.


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