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Paper Cores and Tubes Made by EGER – True All-Rounders

Whether in packaging, shipping, and storage, as paper cores for foils, fabrics, or ribbons, in the decoration area or in processing as protective, insulating, or covering cores – EGER supplies paper cores for every industry and for almost all applications.

You can, of course, get our cores individually designed according to your needs: in accordance with your wishes our cores can be coloured, imprinted, labelled, embossed, grooved, impregnated, coated, slotted, perforated, crimped, punched, pressed, with caps or lids in various designs, or fitted with a pointed cap.

We supply paper cores with an inner diameter of 2 to 150 mm in almost all lengths and for almost all uses:

Advertising material & sales packaging Paper cores Industrial applications
Special applications Pyrotechnics / fireworks / Feuerwerk